Signal Maritime Services joins the Sea Cargo Charter

The Athens-headquartered pool joins the global framework for responsible ship chartering as the first Greek company.

Copenhagen, Athens, 17 May 2022 – Signal Maritime Services, a commercial ship management company with a focus on digital analytics and management methods, is the 33rd company to join the Sea Cargo Charter, and its first Greek Signatory.

The Sea Cargo Charter is a great initiative that assists the alignment of all maritime partners towards the industry’s decarbonization goals. We are excited to be part of an association that acts as a key enabler for environmentally conscious changes and we very much look forward to contributing to this endeavour,” said Panos Dimitracopoulos, CEO, Signal Maritime Services.

Sea Cargo Charter Signatories commit to benchmarking their bulk chartering activities against the IMO ambition to reduce GHG emissions from international shipping by at least 50 percent by 2050. Signatories report their climate alignment scores on an annual basis.

I welcome Signal Maritime Services’ decision to join the Sea Cargo Charter,” added Jan Dieleman, President, Cargill Ocean Transportation and Chair of the Sea Cargo Charter Association. “They bring a unique perspective as the first Greek Signatory and good understanding of the data linked to our initiative and I look forward to their contributions.”

Measuring and tracking emission data is the first necessary step in any company’s or industry’s decarbonization journey

To date, Signatories include: ADM, AMAGGI, Anglo American, Bunge, Cargill Ocean Transportation, Chevron, COFCO International, Copenhagen Commercial Platform (CCP), Diamond Bulk Carriers, Dow, Eagle Bulk, Enviva, Equinor, Global Chartering, Golden-Agri Maritime, Gunvor Group, Holcim Trading, K+S Minerals and Agriculture, Klaveness Combination Carriers, Louis Dreyfus Company, Maersk Tankers, Navig8, Norden, Nova Marine Carriers, NYK Bulkship (Atlantic), Rubis Energie, Shell, Signal Maritime Services, Tata Steel, Torvald Klaveness, TotalEnergies, Trafigura, and Viterra Chartering.

All responsible bulk charterers are invited to join.

About Signal Maritime Services

Signal Maritime Services is a commercial ship manager currently operating two pools with 38 MR2 and Aframax tankers. The company is focused on providing flexible, high-performance, and sustainable commercial management for a growing, modern fleet. The commercial team is leveraging the advanced data analytics of the Signal Group, as well as proprietary technological tools aiming to consistently deliver superior earnings and outperform the competition.

Signal Maritime Services is part of the Signal Group, a company with a vision to make global shipping more efficient, effective and profitable through the application of technology and market experience. The diverse and fast-growing team of product engineers, computer scientists and commercial shipping professionals is headquartered in Athens with global presence.

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About the Sea Cargo Charter

The Sea Cargo Charter is a framework for measuring and reporting the alignment of ship charterers’ activities with climate goals. Recognizing charterers’ role in promoting responsible environmental stewardship throughout the maritime value chain, the Sea Cargo Charter provides them with the tools to foster collaboration with shipping business partners, gain insight to enhance strategic decision-making, and address the impacts of climate change.

The Sea Cargo Charter is built on four principles – Assessment of climate alignment, Accountability, Enforcement, and Transparency – which it shares with the Poseidon Principles for Financial Institutions and the Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance. Established under the auspices of the Global Maritime Forum, the three initiatives aim to increase the transparency of environmental impacts within global seaborne trade, promote industry-wide change, and support a better future for the industry and society.

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